Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Weddings

Do you perform at receptions as well as ceremonies?
Yes, we enjoy playing for cocktail hours, dinners, and receptions.

Should I have music before my wedding ceremony?
We suggest prelude music 30 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony. This will set the mood for your guests as they arrive and wait for the wedding ceremony to begin. Unless you have specific requests, the prelude music is often chosen by the performers. We keep in mind the style of your wedding and choose the music accordingly. Prelude music is included in the Wedding Ceremony Pricing.

Can New Age Strings play a song which is not on your repertoire list?
NAS has a library of over 200 musical selections in all styles. We are constantly expanding our repertoire. If you request a piece that we don’t have yet, we can add it to our library for an additional fee.

How do I choose the music for the actual ceremony?
You may either refer to our song suggestions on the Repertoire page of our website or you may choose your own set list based off of our complete Repertoire list. We are also happy to customize a set -list for you at no extra charge. After completing our contract, you will be asked to fill out a Song Selection Guide which specifies how many songs we need for your wedding. etc….

How will you know when to start the processional music?
We will need a signal from the wedding coordinator or member of the wedding party when the mothers are ready to process. We arrive a half hour prior to the start of the prelude, seek out the prearranged person before the ceremony and confirm the plan to ensure that everything is on cue and exactly how you want it.

Should the wedding party entrances be timed in order to finish with the music?
Our musicians have become adept at ending the music at just the right time, so there is no need for you to time the entrances. We have planned and appropriate cut-off points for our pieces to allow for a continuous flow of the ceremony.

Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?
It is not necessary for us to attend the wedding rehearsal. New Age Strings musicians have performed for countless weddings and are adept in timing the music to the right length. If it is of the utmost importance to you for us to attend the rehearsal, one of our musicians may attend for a rehearsal fee (for local weddings only).

Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?
It is possible for us to accompany a soloist, however, there are a few things to consider when planning this:
(1) Please first check with your soloist to be sure he/she is comfortable with a rehearsal the day of the wedding.  If an extra rehearsal is required, a fee for the rehearsal time will apply.  
(2) The accompaniment part must be written for a string quartet. If we cannot find a quartet arrangement, we can hire our staff arranger to write the music for our instruments. 
(3) If the piece is not written for quartet, you may also consider hiring one of our pianists or guitarists to accompany the soloist.


FAQ’s for All Events

What do you require at the venue?
All we need to perform at our best is armless chairs (for the quartet and 2 for the duo) and ample space, about 8 by 8 feet and good lighting. If you require electric instruments, we will bring our own sound equipment. 

Will you perform outdoors?
Yes, we frequently perform outdoor concerts, ceremonies, cocktail hours, and other events. However, our instruments cannot be played in extreme temperatures or when there is precipitation. Covered areas such as gazebos, verandas, and pavilions are most ideal. New Age Strings will perform rain or shine as long as an alternate venue is prepared in case of extreme weather.

How long do you perform?
We perform according to your time slots. For example, if your event or cocktail hour is from 6-7, we perform from 6 to 7. If the timeline falls behind a half hour or so (things happen), we perform for an hour from when the cocktail hour begins. Ceremonies generally require a half hour of performance as the guests arrive and are being seated. If guests do not start arriving in the ceremony room until 10 minutes before the ceremony itself begins, we do not perform until there is at least one guest in the room.

Do you take breaks?
We generally take one 5 minute break during a cocktail hour, and 10 minute breaks every 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the length of the performance.

How do the musicians dress?
Our musicians dress in black formal attire for most occasions unless otherwise requested.

How do I secure New Age Strings for my special event?
You may email or call to inquire about our availability and pricing. Once we confirm the musicians’ availability, you will be asked to complete our contract and Song Selection guide and to submit a specified deposit.

What instruments are included in the String Quartet?
Our Quartet Ensemble typically seats two Violins, a Viola, and a Cello. 

Other instruments available include Piano, Guitar, Harp, and Voice.

Do you provide your own instrument and equipment?
Yes. There is nothing for you to rent or provide.

Do you perform by memory?
Not generally. We will bring stands and our music for your event. We do not however always use music during a reception, or while playing along with a soundtrack. 

What types of performances do you offer?
We offer acoustic classical performance with our professional wooden instruments, electric instruments with modern music read from sheet music (generally during a cocktail hour), electric instruments performed over soundtracks with no or little sheet music, and performing along with your already selected DJ. [When performing with a DJ, please ensure that your DJ is comfortable performing with an instrumentalist. We do not require the DJ to play any specific songs. We will adapt to what he or she is already spinning.] 

How much do you charge?
Each event is different. To better answer this question, please fill out our questionnaire on our “Contact” page.

How do I tip the performers?
If you’d like to add a tip, the best way would be to personally hand an envelope with your cash tip to each performer.

How much is a normal tip?
It all depends on what you feel is appropriate. If a duet performs for a ceremony, or ceremony and cocktail hour, anywhere between $20-$40 is appreciated per performer. If your musician is performing for the reception portion of a wedding, anywhere around $50 per performer is appreciated.

Is it frowned upon not to tip my performers?
No, not at all! Please never feel obligated to tip. We love what we do, and we love being a part of such amazing times of love and good cheer. 

Do you offer Payment Plans?
Yes, we do. All payments must be submitted before the event date.

How do I pay NAS?
We require a deposit once you sign our Retainer Document, which is generally half the price of the total cost of the performance. The final or remainder of your payment must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event. Payments can be submitted by mailing a check or using Venmo or Cash Ap.